Detecting Forgery in Fraud Investigations: The Insider's Guide

Ruth Brayer is qualified as an Expert Witness by the Supreme Court of the State of New York and specializes in handwriting examination and authentication of disputed documents. Ms. Brayer successfully applies current research to help solve complex forensic problems such as disputed signatures, financial and medical records, as well as threatening letters and contested wills. She has testified in criminal and civil cases on behalf of the prosecution and the defense in local, state, and federal courts in the United States.

Handwriting: Let the power of your pen change your life

Whether you are in a relationship, just terminated one or searching for a significant other, graphology, the scientific study of handwriting as a projection of personality traits, can help you illuminate and eliminate misconceptions and bring more harmony to your life. This book does not attempt to teach graphology; rather it is designed to introduce graphology as a tool to enhance relationships, any relationship. We focus here on fathers because to many of us fathers are an eternal mystery, a question mark. Many fathers are emotionally or physically absent. Whether your father was self-involved, over-involved or un-involved, getting an objective unbiased perspective about him can help you understand and overcome your relationships traps. "Handwriting: Let the power of the pen change your life," tells the stories of 30 individuals as revealed in their handwriting and the lessons they teach us.