Do You Want to Enhance the Quality of Your Life?

As a result of this program you will learn to:

  • Identify your relationships traps

  • Trigger the change process

  • Boost your communication in life and in business


Who should attend? People who want to reach their highest potential as

individuals, leaders & high performing teams.

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Ms. Brayer shares her story: how graphology changed her life, transformed her relationships and  enhanced her career.

Change is Just a Pen Stroke Away

Graphology, a diagnostic tool used by the FBI, CIA and businesses world-wide, can help you achieve more enjoyable and effective relationships in the workplace and in life.We all resist change. This program gets attendees to actually EXPERIENCE change in a safe environment. Audiences gain an unforgettable perspective. Utilizing this behavioral profiling tool, Ruth guides her audience to: 

Ruth Brayer, certified graphologist, uncovers the secrets in your pen in this highly interactive and insightful program. Through engaging, thought provoking exercises your audience will make minor alterations in their own handwriting using their non-dominant hand and enhance empathy by emulating each other’s handwriting.

  • Discover relationship traps and break through walls of misconceptions 

  • Identify 3 blind spots and how to avoid them

  • Make minor alterations to their handwriting to set change in motion


And most importantly, gain empowering insights that are truly transformative.

Join Ruth Brayer, author, speaker and court qualified expert witness, as you explore the secrets in your script. Ruth tailors programs to meet each client’s goals. Whether it’s a special corporate event, a retreat or a spouse program, she will work with you to put together a fun, valuable and memorable event.

Truth, Lies and Your Bottom Line 

How to Prevent, Reduce & Recover Fraud Losses

Fraud dominates the headlines. It costs the American economy trillions of dollars annually.
A lack of integrity creates distrust – affecting your company’s reputation and bottom line.

 This highly interactive, fun and value packed program includes:

  • Insider’s guide to prevent, reduce and recover fraud losses

  • Innovative ways to protect your company’s reputation

  • Case studies in business, sports and politics that you can apply to your company

Boost Your Bottom Line with the Power of Your Pen

In this age of rapid technological advancement and financial crisis, it is critical to be creative. Brayer utilizes handwriting as a diagnostic tool to identify emotional blocks, enhance creativity, and break through walls of misconceptions. Her methodology is based on 26 years of expertise. This fun, safe, and highly interactive program will show you how you can rediscover your creativity when you let go of limiting beliefs.

You will discover:

  • How “perfectionism” blocks innovation and what to do about it

  • How to reframe limiting beliefs

  • 3 techniques to unlock your innate creativity

  • Secrets revealed in the handwriting of “money makers”

  • And more…


The program includes a brief introduction to graphology, on-the-spot personality profiles of volunteers, as well as a Q&A session.


Who should attend?

  • CEOs and/or senior executives who want to improve their leadership

  • Managers of mixed teams (international groups – all industries)

  • Business partners who need to make hiring or promotion decisions

The Handwriting’s On the Wall: What Does It Say about You?

A highly interactive program where you will learn how to capitalize on your strengths, heighten self-awareness, and reframe relationship with coworkers, supervisors and significant others. We will explore traits such as creativity, communication, leadership style, personality types, and compatibility with others as seen in the handwriting of volunteers.


Decoding People in the Workplace

How can you improve your relationship in the workplace and in life?

Whether you are looking for a job or about to hire the best job candidate, this program is for you.  Appearances can be misleading, but handwriting tells the truth.

The program covers business-related traits as seen in the writing of attendees, the company’s CEO and management, and well-known business leaders. This interactive, fast-paced program demonstrates how graphology can help secure a healthier, more effective workplace.

Unmasking You with the Power of Your Pen

People wear ‘masks’ out of fear, anxiety, perfectionism and childhood trauma. These masks not only hide us from others, they hide us from ourselves. In doing so they separate us from what is real and inhibit our ability to connect. Revealing these ‘masks’ illuminates our blind spots and set us on a path to authentically connect with ourselves and others.


Graphology, the scientific study of handwriting as a projection of personality traits, has been used to unveil these masks in order to move forward, connect with others and gain a deeper understanding of our true self. This behavioral profiling tool is used by the FBI, over 3,000 U.S. companies and 85% of European businesses.


The Program

In this highly interactive, fun program, Ruth Brayer taps her 26 years as a world renowned handwriting expert to uncover the secrets hidden in the script of volunteers in the hot seat.  She uses this diagnostic tool to cut through appearances and reveal the truth. The program is designed for people who want to enhance communication and relationships.


You will:

  • Discover your ‘mask’ and a new way to achieve balance between your external and internal self through guided self-analysis

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others

  • Learn secrets revealed in the handwriting of the famous and infamous and what those secrets can teach you about yourself

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence can make or break your relationships?

This program offers an easy and fun way to enhance your communication and relationships.